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DSEi protesters got it all wrong

Sheff IMC | 14.09.2003 18:32 | DSEi 2003 | Anti-militarism | London | Sheffield

It appears that the hundreds of protestors who took action against DSEi at the Excel centre in London's Docklands have got it all wrong. The DSEi show was not an arms fair at all. According to the local daily paper, The Newham recorder, Spearhead, the organisers of the event, say that this was an "open event that can promote cost effectiveness".

So one must ask how can such a huge mistake have been made. It could have been the fact the centre that was filled with helicopters, guns, computer defence systems, combat gear, radar, tanks, people carriers, missiles and ships. Or perhaps it goes back earlier to the promotion of the event on the web. The official DSEi listed only arms companies as exhibitors.

But protesters weren't the only one's confused. London's Metropolitan Police spent £2 million policing the event according to the Recorder. If only someone had explained to them earlier that this was an "open event" a lot of taxpayers money could have been saved.

... But seriously folks, you have got to wonder about the sanity of the person or organisation that could make such absurd claims. They really are completely bonkers.

Sheff IMC


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