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cop violence at RTS party - appeal for witnesses/people willing to press charges

RevAngels | 13.09.2003 21:54 | DSEi 2003

The cops behaved outrageously outside the park off the A13 at the RTS party on Wednesday (v. good footage at posting entitled 'police violence at park gates' posted 11/09/03) and I intend to kick up as much fuss as I can about it - we can't let 'em get away with treating us like this.

The cops shoved, dragged and kicked us into the park off the A13. The violence was completely unprovoked and unnecessary. I was injured by the police in the scrum - got thrown around like a ragdoll and am now in a neckbrace - and I fully intend to press charges or at the very least make a formal complaint. I know there must be many others who were also hurt so I'm appealing for anyone else who would like to join me in legal action against the police to contact me at the email below. I'd be particularly interested to hear from the small guy who was assaulted, I talked to you a couple of times during the party but I'm afraid I didn't see the assault, though I've heard there is footage of it, and, if you're willing to give up your anonymity, I really think you should press charges. I'm also appealing for people who would be willing to act as witnesses and for those with photos and video footage.

Handily enough I'm pretty prominent on the footage mentioned above - although I could do with some photos/footage/witnesses of me being pushed over a bike by a charming WPC who just watched while I floundered on the tarmac with my foot trapped under the bike tire. Muchos thanks to the fellow protestor who picked me up and made sure I was OK - I think I was too shocked to thank you at the time, so if you're out there, please get in touch, especially if you'd be willing to be a witness. Ditto to the people who, as I've now seen in the footage, were trying to help me while I was struggling with a copper who had me in a headlock.

If any of you have injuries, bruises or whatever, get to a doctor ASAP, even if you have to go to casualty (where I've just been) and get them recorded. If you take photos, make sure you've got that day's newspaper in the frame to prove the time of the injuries. If you want legal advice I briefly spoke to someone called Tanya at Bindmans (020 7833 4433) who was pretty helpful.

Hope to hear from some of you soon.

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legal observers

14.09.2003 07:58

Are you aware that there is a legal team and observers from the team were on the ground that day.
Surely there must be meetings at LARC over this. Not sure whether one as scheduled has happened earlier.
Instead of diverging efforts why not post to or atleast CC to them too.

maybe someone else more familiar with the legl arrangements can advise further on this thread or post something informative