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DSEi Arms Fair invaded - pictures and video

Ricardo | 12.09.2003 15:01 | DSEi 2003 | Anti-militarism | London | Oxford

On Wednesday 10th September seven protesters breached the million pound security operation of the DSEi Arms Fair in Docklands.

The seven protesters penetrated the security cordon disguised as the highly-accredited public relations company "Affinity PR". Five climbed on top of an Armoured Personnnel Carrier, and two locked themselves into it, to the astonishment of spectators in expensive suits. The tank belonged to UK company Alvis, whose armoured vehicles are being used by the Indonesian army to repress the people of Aceh. A special audio greeting was left for the enjoyment of all arms traders present.



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great action - what happened next?

12.09.2003 17:07

Have they been arrested for their (very nice) work?


No charges

12.09.2003 17:53

I heard they were released without charge.


Arrest Situation

13.09.2003 10:29

No arrests for the actual action, but 2 people were later arrested by the met for refusing to move when the MoD cops dumped them at custom house tube. They were charged under some 1840 railway act, after initially being accused of "possessing a false instrument". They, like a lot of people nicked on the day, are in court in Stratford on September 23rd.


Cost was much more

14.09.2003 18:55

According to the local newspaper the Newham Recorder the cost of policing was much higher than the cops claimed. The paper (front page 10/9/03) reckoned the cost was £2 million.

But security costs were on top of that too. I imagine Spearhead must have spent a fortune on security - they were hiring from the 1st of September.