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DSEi Are Doing Market Research

anok4u2 | 12.09.2003 12:03 | DSEi 2003 | Anti-militarism | London

A company calling itself Wendy Round Consulting is doing market research on delegates to the DSEi conference.

Unscrupulous anarchist types may be tempted to put a random 5 figure number after the last = sign in one of these URLs, and then fill in the form with miscreant propaganda. But that would be quite wrong, and very naughty...



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DSEi research

12.09.2003 13:02

Those that fill in the form and submit it are given an e-mail address to which to send further comments.

This is and some might want to use it to let the organisers know what they think about the arms fair.

A N Other

left-liberal crusade

12.09.2003 19:40

I said that we should've ignored the biased left-liberal crusade against our industry, and that its hypocritical and immoral to not sell arms to regimes that aren't 'democratic' enough, as people die all the time. Thats probably the sort of stuff they love to hear.


how do they process info?

18.09.2003 21:21

does somone process these directly or are they done via a computer system? should I be serious or take the piss and what's the stuff about adding a random 5 digits about, do you need to be computer nerd to do it and how and why. Basiclly explain the use and effectivness and cost in time and money to who. I've done a few for now but tell me more and I will take this up as a hobby.