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witness call-police assault

assaulted | 11.09.2003 13:35 | London


witness call for police assault

at 20:00 10/09/03 a group of four of us were attempting to travel on the Canning Town tube after being on the RTS that happened on the A16.

First I was refused entry on the pretence that I had been drinking, in fact I hadn't touched a drop all day. I was telling the amassed police that I had spoken to a channel 4 reporter and they were disgusted by the level of the police violence and intimidation.

I still tried to get into the station, I was shouting about police brutality and one officer said "I'll show you police brutality"

I was grabbed from behind by two officers and pushed to the ground and then pinned down two other officers repeatedly kicked in the stomatch

I was told that if I showed my face around here again I would get the same and refused entry to the station.

I need witnesses to this, there was a woman with a video camera, but anyone there really

If the woman can contact me my email below or Kiearn & Co Chestrefield Derbyshire and wi; also be contacting Liberty so maybe footage to them

- e-mail: acablawson@hotmail .com


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