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Witness appeal

revolt | 11.09.2003 08:20 | DSEi 2003

My mate was beaten up by the police at DSEI yesterday can you help?

A mate of mine got beaten up by the cops today at the DSEI protests and the assult was filmed by a woman who told him not to worry as she was getting it all on video camera. Any help in locating this woman and the tape she has would be much appreciated.

anyway heres what happened:
My mate was penned in on the main road leading down from Canning town roundabout i think its the a16 not sure tho, at about 5:45. He was standing in the crowd not shouting or pushing when a gropu of police grabbed him by the neck dragged thru 3 lines of police threw him to the ground and started kicking him. The 2 police twisted his arms vioently behind his back and led him down freemasons road where he was cuffed tighly enogth to live red marks on his wrists. he was arrested and charged with puplic order offence for spitting at a police officer, which he didn't do. However when the police found out that there was no transport to take him to the station and he had threatened them that he was going to make a complait they escorted him to the tube station and released him as long as he went straight home.

he has scartches, bruises and friction burns from the assult so any info on the woman filming or any othere witnesses would be appreciated so as to make a formal complaint. if you have any details email worthinganarchistyouth@


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