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DSEI: Pictures from inside the arms fair set 2

O-Binladen via Indymedia Picture Desk | 10.09.2003 16:23 | DSEi 2003 | Anti-militarism | London

Second set of pictures shot inside the arms fair


O-Binladen via Indymedia Picture Desk


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10.09.2003 20:10

how sick, how fucking sick.

the fact that our government has paid for this to happen is even fucking sicker.

thats all there is to say really.

yea, arms are shite

We don't just pay for this expo

11.09.2003 07:02

This nasty salesroom is just the tip of the iceberg as to what us UK tax payers pay for. Do people believe that any of the African of Asian countries we sell arms to actually have to pay for them? It's much like us giving Tanzania £28M in aid and demanding that they spend £28M of it on a military air traffic control system (for their 4 jets) to secure 200 jobs for 1 year on the Isle of White. Maybe they could have spent it on making lots of clean water, or planting crops - but then what would be in it for us?

We pay for this vile shit. Us.
Probably more than on our own countries health care.

This has not one thing to do with defence, only with death, aggression (be it by us or by a proxy local force) and, most important, money (the diversion of tax money to politicians best friends the arms makers).

Fantastic respect to all who see through and oppose this sick 'trade'.

Andy O'C