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Sherman Austin - death threat

dh | 09.09.2003 20:59

Sherman Austin needs help

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Sent: Monday, September 08, 2003 1:30 PM
Subject: Sherman Austin needs help

Hi all,

This isn't a normal post. Most of you have read An Interview With Orwell, so you have some familiarity with the name Sherman Austin. Sherman is an Anarchist in California who was charged under the Feinstein "illegal linking"'' law which meshes with the Patriot act in helping label activism as terrorism.

He was forced to cop a plea, because otherwise they were going to give him life in prison for having info on his website that's readily available on thousands of other sites on the internet. He surrendered himsel Sept 3 to begin his year in jail.

Sherman was singled out because he's got the right pigment and right ideology (only because it's been demonized) for White AmeriKKKa to point a finger, and then lock up a black face for the cameras, in order to make suburbia think the government is actually trying to fight "terror" as opposed to what they're actually doing with the so-called Patriot Act, which is crushing dissent by jailing dissenters.

In any case, White Supremacists have threatened to kill Sherman, but they refuse to move him out of the yeehaw County lockup and into a safer Federal Prison.

His life is in danger until he's moved out of County, which is why I'm writing you all today. Below is the relevant info, and a boilerplate letter of petition you can email or fax to Warden Burris, Director Lapin, or Mr. Penn. If you only have time to email, please email Warden Burris

This is a case where 2 minutes out of your day to cut and paste and email the letter can literally save a human life. PLEASE send on a copy of the letter to Warden Burris, and a copy of this email to your various email lists and blogs. I know a lot of you guys are webmasters, so here's your chance to do something proactive... please help Sherman.


Sherman Austin has been moved into protective custody at the San Bernardino Central Detention Center. The guards moved him into isolation because of death threats against him by white supremacists. In order to secure Sherman’s safety, we are demanding his immediate transfer to a permanent facility. The white supremacists responsible for this crime have been located (please see attached posting.doc file,) and we plan on taking legal action against them. Please mail, fax, and/or e-mail the attached letter to the following institutions and follow-up with a phone call. If you have any questions please e-mail

Please send the attached letter AS IS. Please do not modify, alter or add to its contents.

Institution where Sherman is being held:

Warden Captain C. Burris

Central Detention Center

Western Divison, San Bernadino

630 E. Rialto, CA 92408

Phone: 909-386-0969

Or send an email

For more information regarding the Central Detention Center please go to:

In addition, you can also send letters, emails, fax, and/or phone calls to the following people:

Harley G. Lappin, Director of U.S. Bureau of Prisons

320 First Street

N.W. Washington , D.C. 20534

Phone: 202-307-3250

Fax: 202-514-6878

Harlan Penn, Regional Counsel
7950 Dublin Boulevard, 3rd Floor

Dublin, CA 94568

Phone: 925-803-4700

Fax: 925-803-4802

The first contact information is the most important! If you can only send one letter, send it to the Warden at the CDC.

*PLEASE PRINT SIGN AND MAIL, FAX, E-MAIL, etc. Sherman needs to moved

September 7th, 2003

Dear ,

I'm writing out of concern for the safety and welfare of Sherman Martin
Austin (Booking #0309300141), a federal prisoner currently located at the
Central Detention Center in San Bernardino County, California. He is due to
be transferred to a Federal penitentiary within six to eight weeks.
However, he is currently the target of death threats from several
white-supremacist groups and is being kept in solitary for the ostensible
purpose of protecting him from these hate groups, some members of which have
placed a price on Sherman's head.
Sherman is a non-violent offender. He is only twenty years of age and has
been evaluated by a court-appointed psychologist as being completely
non-violent and idealistic.
A county detention facility is not the place for a non-violent offender who
is currently in danger of being killed for his color and beliefs. I am
afraid that should Sherman remain in CDC he will be injured or killed. We
feel that by being placed in a Federal penitentiary there is less likelihood
of Sherman being harmed or even killed.
We demand the immediate transfer of Sherman Martin Austin to a Federal
detention facility, for his own safety and well-being, and in the meantime
the continuance of protective custody to ensure his safety and survival.
I will appreciate an immediate response concerning this letter.

Thank you,
(your name Here)



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