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Sky News respond undercurrents on DSEI

undercurrents | 09.09.2003 12:37 | DSEi 2003 | London

Sky news

Sent: 09 September 2003 13:28
Subject: comment on sky news

Dear Sky news

I would like to comment on what has been left out of the sky 1pm news
rather than what is it in. I hoped for a report on the protests aainst the arms
show taking place in docklands today. Why did sky ignore it?

I relied on BBC and the radio to update me on this important event so
close to September 11. Sky news, please keep in touch with what is important.

Paul O' Connor
Undercurrents productions

Sky Today
To: "''"
Subject: RE: comment on sky news
Dear Paul,

We most certainly do keep our eye on what is important and are of course
covering the arms show and it's associated protests throughout the afternoon

Yours sincerely

Sky News Team



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