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London Anti-war Demonstrator Jailed!

peace | 05.09.2003 10:45 | Anti-militarism | London

A young guy, Matt McDonald, started being harrassed by Forward Intelligence Team officers after the the March 22nd Anti-war demo while he was standing near an Anarchist book stall.

He was soon arrested and has now been imprisoned for using "threatening words or behaviour". Please write to him to give him support (contact details and more info below).

The FIT officers had already assaulted at least one person at the stall, then pretty soon they arrested Matt, who has done lots of anti-war and some london anarchist youth network activities.

He has been jailed for 6 weeks (which will probably mean he'll be out in 3), and he's now in Feltham Young Offenders Institute in South London... It would be really cool if as many people as possible could send him a letter, postcard, picture or anything to let him know people are out here supporting him...

Please write to Matt McDonald, HMP Feltham, Bedfont Road, Middx TW13 4ND

He's in there for us, we're out here for him!



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  1. Good on this man — ram