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STWC are at it again!!!!

Rudy | 01.09.2003 13:30 | DSEi 2003 | Anti-militarism | Globalisation | Indymedia | Cambridge | London

Confusion by the SWP front jumping on the band wagon again.

Today's protest against arms investment outside Norfolk County Council was called by Norwich Anarchists atleast two months ago. Today at the time originally arranged of 10am only about 8 people attended. On our arrival a few members of the Norwich STWC were leafleting and asking why we were late as they had been there since 8am.

This morning an email has been passed to me sent out by the NSTWC...

"Dear All,

The proposed protest at County Hall originally planned for Tuesday 2nd September at 10.00am (as advertised in NSTWC recent Newsletter) will now take place on Monday 1st September from 08.00am to 10.00am at County Hall. All are invited to meet on the steps of County Hall, from 8.00am onwards, to leaflet workers and council members as they enter the building.

Norwich Stop the War Coalition are staging this protest against Norfolk County Council's (NCC) pension fund investment in an aerospace and military engineering company (GKN). GKN ( a'global engineering company') holds an 80% interest in aerospace and military industries.

This protest coincides with a full Council Meeting and the run-up to Defence Systems & Equipment International (DSEI) organising Europe's biggest arms fair in Docklands, London. This fair is sponsored by the MOD and UK Government and is paid for from taxes. "Our government likes to project itself as a force for the good in the world. The reality is that by hosting this arms fair, the UK has become an international force for hypocrisy."

NSTWC protesters aim to leaflet county council employees to inform them of NCC's investment.

Join us if you can, on MONDAY 1st September from 8.00am to 10.00am."

This email has caused mass confusion with people running around not knowing what was going on or when. Once again the hard work done by many has been disrupted by the shallow and egotistical actions of the STWC/SWP.

On the funny side of it...there were atleast 6 riot vans and 70 coppers running around who slapped a SECTION 60 on us. They are still screaming around Norwich as we speak, convinced something is about to kick off.

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