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Update on DSEi blockade

Just US | 01.09.2003 09:56 | DSEi 2003 | Anti-militarism | London

Blockade at Excel Centre is still going strong, preventing the exhibitors from entering the site and setting up.

Three hours on and the DSEi blockade is still holding, preventing the exhibitors from entering the site.

The arm tube road blockade on the Main (east) entrance is still going strong.

The police have said that they don't want to cut through the arm tubes (probably as there are 16 people locked together!).

The tripods on the West entrance road have been surrounded by riot police, although no protesters have been removed.

Some of the exhibitor vehicles are now being directed to the Excel centre via a car park, however its a really narrow road so there is a huge tailback of vehicles, including several bearing tanks!.

Just US


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