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National Security Protection Sheme against State violation...

Ake Tyvi | 31.08.2003 19:51 | Analysis | Anti-militarism | London | World

This article reveals an untested security protection theory.

Note: This article reveals an untested security protection theory. It is very strongly advised not to be used by any individual reader. In any such case, the author can not be held in direct or indirect responsible for such an third party act due to this clause. I am also kindly asking readers not to cause any harm on abroad, since I can not quarantee safety, and thus can not be held in responsible.


Last seven years I have been gathering material on how The State of Finland functions.

During this time I have studied how national and international legal system works, how our Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Justice, Finnish Army, Police, Central Criminal Police and Security Police works and what kind of people are working in these bureau. I have also studied how these people have been educated in their Colleges or in Universities mainly graduated from. And to make sure, this is not an other heuristic and statistic lapses, I made a closer look how our two main ministries are selecting their people, and who work in these ministries. How people are selected into these places, and what do they have in common?
By using several sample cases driven through government bureau the result was shocking; everything ended into the Ministry of Interior, and persons in this Ministry are all policemen. Finnish legal issues are dealt with police interference. And links from various bureau are pointing to this ministry and police in general - not to mention Government hiring policemen on civil official's post. I also had a look how the Parliament of Finland works, and the answer was astonishing; top members of Police Force and high government lawyers make proceedings forcing Parliament to accept these one-sided Law acts.

Since all links in these affairs are simply pointing to Finnish Police and Lawyers, there is no point to the Security and Intelligence Agencies trying to locate the problem source any further. Under any threat case driven by Finland, is the cause simply Finnish Police Force and its members together with Finnish lawyers.

Solution is obvious in any such a treath case to all other Nations; there is no point of making an other Wild Goose Chase, since the cause of the treath have and can been pinpointed into Ministry of Interior (which should be renamed to Ministry of Police Affairs), Police Force and Finnish Lawyers.
In stead of hunting citizens and civil officials behinds these lunatic acts, maybe screening these people on abroad or eliminating members from these certain groups give an appropriate signal to this power elite to stop harming any foreign State.

So, when foreign powers have problem with Finland or caused by Finland, then you now know who is the problem causer. I hope this protection scheme is some help to Foreign Nations on having problems with Finland, even I truly support peaceful solution. A good and clear example of such an peaceful solution have been Nelson Mandela's struggle in South-Africa.

Life is cruel, but if an other alternative were a war, then there are only two bad options to choose from?


Ake Tyvi