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It's even not easy to die for lying assholes far away from the frontline

At present attacks against occupation troops are performed every second hour.
So this can be only a small view of the iraqi restistance fight and it is not comparable with Vietnam but rather with the afghan trap for Russia.
This cases of death are official affirmed and filtered by U.S. military command, according to resistance fighter groups the death rate is three till four

times higher. Mostly attacks with only wounded soldiers become not reported and soldiers dying in hospitals after attacks will cover up if possible to

palliate statistics. By general interpretation of law the aggressor is fully liable for rebuilding the destruction of a nation precipitated by a illegal war

of aggression.
So not the victim has to pay for rebuilding with his own resources but only the agressors USA, UK and their accomplices. So it is primary neccesary to blast

any oil and gas pipelines in Iraq which will help to accomplish the great dream of unpunished armed raid free of charge.
The second effect is to elicit the robber and murderer troops from their safety military camps where they hole up to become a easy target. The

demoralization will be boundless and yet soldiers get lethargy, manic-depressive psychoses, scream seizures, fits of raving madness, crying fits, panic

attacks and nervous ahypnosis.
It's even not easy to die for lying assholes far away from the frontline.

Another one bites the dust

August, 2003

Iraq/Tikrit 20.08.2003: Resistance fighters had fired AK-47s at a U.S. convoy in Tikrit and killed 1 U.S. collaborator (contractor) and wounded 2 U.S.

soldiers. Assault rifles were fired at a three-vehicle convoy near a market in the center of Tikrit, 110 miles north of Baghdad

Iraq/Bagdhad 19.08.2003: As elongated arm of U.S. the U.N. has killed over 1 million Iraqis by sanctions for 12 years and has accept now the iraqi puppet

government. Representative the Chief UN Envoy Sergio Vieira de Mello died in this suicide attack for an old account and new betrayal.

Iraq/Bagdhad 19.08.2003: A car bomb caused the explosion at the U.N.headquarters in Baghdad at the Canal Hotel on Tuesday which wrecked the complex and

caused scores of casualties. 25 killed and 50 till 100 wounded. The U.N. uses the hotel as its headquarters. It is a clear warning to U.N. not to become

henchman and collaborator of U.S. aggressors

Iraq/Bagdhad 19.08.2003: A rocket-propelled grenade and gun attack on a U.S. convoy north of Baghdad wounded 2 U.S. soldiers

Iraq/Bagdhad 18.08.2003: 1 U.S. soldier was erased by an explosive device in Karada, a mainly Shi'ite neighborhood in central Baghdad. He was taken to the

28th Combat Support Hospital, where he was pronounced dead at 3:15 p.m.

Iraq/Tikrit 17.08.2003: 2 U.S. soldiers were wounded on Sunday when their convoy was shot at just north of the town

Iraq/Bagdhad 17.08.2003: 2 U.S. soldiers wounded by gun attack during they left a restaurant in Baghdad

Iraq/Balad 17.08.2003: 2 U.S. soldiers wounded by driving on blasting composition

Iraq/Baiji 17.08.2003: The crucial oil export pipeline destroyed on 16.08. has been blown up again today, repair works need now more than two weeks

Iraq/Baghdad 17.08.2003: A major water pipeline in the Aadhimiya district in northern Baghdad was breached on Sunday at 06:45 AMBagdhad time, flooding

nearby streets and cutting off the supply to parts of the Iraqi capital, after a bomb attack

Iraq/El Madinah 16.08.2003: 1 dansk vassal soldier was erased in a gunfight in El Madinah 50 km north from Basra

Iraq/Mosul 16.08.2003: 15 iraqi policemen and U.S. collaborators wounded in a rocket-propelled grenade attack on police station

Iraq/Mosul 16.08.2003: Mosul's police chief General Mohamed Khairi now U.S. collaborator was seriously wounded and 4 of his bodyguards were killed in a gun

and grenade attack on a police convoy. Mohamed Khairi was former the chief of special military forces under Hussein

Iraq/Mosul 16.08.2003: The headquarters of an Iraqi civilian security force and U.S. collaborators was attacked with machinegun fire and a rocket-propelled

grenade on afternoon, one of the security guards was killed and four were wounded

Iraq/Baiji 16.08.2003: A vital oil export pipeline which was reopened just days ago has been blown up again by resitance fightersnear Baiji north from

Tikrit. The pipe, which carries oil from Iraq's nothern fields to Turkey had been closed for several months following earlier attacks, is essential to

Bush's efforts to avert U.S. payments for the massive destructions the U.S. troops have caused

Iraq/Baquba 16.08.2003: 1 U.S.soldier was wounded when a military convoy came under small arms fire and bomb attack near Baquba

Iraq/Tikrit 15.08.2003: 2 U.S. pilots seriously injured by helicopter crash landing on U.S. airbase near Tikrit

Iraq/Falluja 15.08.2003: Several U.S. soldiers wounded by attacks with three detonated mines west from Falluja, no more particulars about

Iraq/Ramadi 15.08.2003: 2 U.S soldiers wounded in a rocket-propelled grenade attack on U.S convoy between Ramadi and Falluja

Iraq/Balad 15.08.2003: 2 U.S soldiers wounded in a rocket-propelled grenade attack in Balad

Iraq/Basra 14.08.2003: 1 UK vassal soldier erased and 2 wounded in a bomb attack on a military ambulance in Basra at morning

Iraq/Al Taji 14.08.2003: 1 U.S. soldier erased and 2 wounded in a bomb attack in Al Taji 15km north from Baghdad

Iraq/Baghdad 13.08.2003: Gun attack at evening on U.S. soldiers in Bagdad, official no U.S. victims, assaulter was shot dead

Iraq/Baghdad 13.08.2003: Gunfight at morning between Shiites and U.S. soldiers after triing to remove a shiites flag. Therereby U.S. soldiers killed a iraqi

boy and wound 4 people

Iraq 13.08.2003: 1 U.S. soldier erased in northern Iraq, no more particulars about

Iraq/Mosul 12.08.2003: 1 U.S. soldier erased in a car accident in Mosul and 1 U.S. soldier died in a U.S. camp during sleeping

Iraq/Mosul 12.08.2003: 4 U.S. soldiers erased in a rocket-propelled grenade attack. Direct hit on vehicle, U.S. Humvee was destroyed in a blast

Iraq/Ramadi 12.08.2003: 1 U.S. soldier erased and 2 wounded in a bomb attack in Ramadi at forenoon. Three synchronized bombs were detonated near a U.S.


Iraq/Al-Taji 12.08.2003: Pipeline blast up north from Bagdhad. Two U.S. tanks and troops locked up the area against reporters. Flames shot 200 feet in the

air from the burst pipeline in this chemical production region

Iraq/Baghdad 11.08.2003: Two bombs exploded near british embassy in Salhija district on collaborators court of justice at morning during adjuration of U.S.

string puppets of judges, no more particulars about U.S. victims

Iraq/Baghdad 11.08.2003: 2 Iraqi collaborators and policemen was shot dead by an oversight of U.S. panic shooter

Iraq/Baquba 11.08.2003: 1 U.S. soldier erased and 2 wounded in a grenade attack in the central city of Baquba overnight. The assault was followed by

demonstrations outside a US army base in the city

Iraq/Baghdad 11.08.2003: U.S. convoy was attacked by a grenade, no more particulars about U.S. victims

Iraq/Basra 10.08.2003: 1 nepalese safety officer working for private company 'Global Security' and former killing for UK command as a Gurkha-elite soldier

was shot dead in his car in Basra

Iraq/Hit 10.08.2003: 2 U.S soldiers erased and two wounded by rocket-propelled grenades attack. A group of U.S military engineers has parked their cars in

front of the police station when they was hit by five grenades the police officer Salam Hamid Abdallah el Hitti said.

Iraq/Mosul 10.08.2003: 6 U.S soldiers wounded in a rocket-propelled grenades attack in Mosul, no more particulars about

Iraq/Ramadi 10.08.2003: Attack on U.S. troops with hand grenades in Ramadi northwest of Bagdhad, no more particulars about

Iraq/Basra 10.08.2003: British troops fired warning shots in the Iraqi city of Basra Sunday as hundreds of locals rioted for a second day, attacking

vehicles and burning tires in protest at power and fuel shortages

Iraq/Basra 09.08.2003: After that incident at gas station at 09.08. angry citizens of Basra have attacked british troops with stones and wounded 3 soldiers

because of no water, no gas and no electricity

Iraq/Basra 09.08.2003: Grenade attack on UK vassal troops at gas station, military truck burned out, soldiers could escape with a taxicab

Iraq/Baghdad 09.08.2003: U.S. troops came under renewed attacks at morning that wounded at least 4 U.S. soldiers, and a team of FBI investigators prepared

to take control of the probe into the car bombing of the Jordanian Embassy

Iraq/Kirkuk 09.08.2003: U.S.Soldiers from the 173rd Airborne Brigade on patrol in the northern city of Kirkuk were fired on with a rocket-propelled grenade

and small arms early Saturday

Iraq/Falluja 08.08.2003: U.S. quarter was under under gunfire, after four big explosions in Falluja heard by witnesses a fire took place

Iraq/Baghdad 08.08.2003: In south-central Baghdad, 2 soldiers were wounded in a roadside bomb attack on their armored Humvee vehicle

Afghanistan/Kandahar 08.08.2003: 6 Afghan collaborator-soliders and an Afghan driver for an American aid group killed at guerrilla attack. Meanwhile, a

second attack was reported in eastern Afghanistan, where insurgents fired two rockets at a U.S. base, but there were no reports of casualties or damage, the

U.S. military said

Iraq/Baghdad 07.08.2003: 1 U.S soldier erased in Mansur disrict of Baghdad at evening, no more particulars about

Iraq/Baghdad 07.08.2003: 1 U.S soldier erased in Karrade district of Baghdad after heavy gun fight, no more particulars about

Iraq/Baghdad 07.08.2003: Massive bomb attack on jordanian embassy of Abdulla II a U.S. collaborator - A truck bomb exploded outside the Jordanian embassy

compound in Baghdad on morning and killed at least eleven people included 5 collaborator policemen. Embassy was plundered after attack by crowd and pictures

of jordanian betrayer & collaborator King Abdullah II got burned.

Germany/Ramstein: By U.S. command 668 wounded U.S. soldiers was flown out till now to Airbase Ramstein, by german informants more over 1000

Iraq/Baghdad 06.08.2003: 2 U.S. soldiers erased by Iraqi guerrillas fired a rocket- propelled grenade that set ablaze a U.S. military vehicle in central

Baghdad, a Humvee was driving near the Palm Hotel when guerrillas fired the grenade. Four soldiers were inside the vehicle when it was hit, the witnesses


Iraq/Ramadi 06.08.2003: Attack on U.S. quarters in Ramadi, at present not specified about casualties

Iraq/Bakuba 06.08.2003: By a attack on U.S. troops near Bakuba at morning U.S. military vehicles were blast up and set fire, at present not specified about


Iraq/Falluja 05.08.2003: 2 attacks on U.S. troops near Falluja southeast from Baghdad, at present not specified about casualties

Iraq/Tikrit 05.08.2003: 1 U.S. soldier and 1 U.S. employee of Kellogg Brown & Root erased by bomb attack - Kellogg Brown & Root subsidiary company of

Halliburton with direct connections to US vice preseident Richard Cheney is trying to settle down at oil-refinery Baiji and pipeline terminal 50 km north of


Iraq/Khalidiya 04.08.2003: An angry crowd of Iraqi men attacked the local police station, setting it on fire

Iraq/Baghdad 04.08.2003: U.S. armored vehicle was in flames west of Falluja after coming under attack, at present not specified about casualties

Iraq/Bakuba 04.08.2003: 2 U.S soldiers wounded by rocket-propelled grenades attack between Bagdad and Bakuba

Iraq/Samarra 04.08.2003: U.S soldiers was attacked at police station, at present not specified about casualties

Iraq/Samarra 04.08.2003: House of Wafik el Sammarai, former chief of military secret service under Hussein now U.S.-collaborator, attacked with

rocket-propelled grenades

Iraq/Baghdad 04.08.2003: In attacks Monday, a U.S.soldier was wounded in Baghdad when a grenade or improvised bomb was thrown at a patrol, witnesses said

Iraq/Tikrit 03.08.2003: 3 U.S. soldiers was wounded by bomb attack on convoy at the bridge of Tikrit

Iraq/Baghdad 02.08.2003: Several U.S.soldiers was wounded in Karrada district at Saadun-Street by a rocket-propelled grenades and bomb attack

Iraq/Baghdad 02.08.2003: 1 U.S.soldier erased and 3 wounded by a rocket-propelled grenades attack on U.S. convoy

Iraq/Tikrit 01.08.2003: Strategic oil pipeline 'Mosul-Haifa' to turkey blown up near refinery on Thursday night and still burning

Iraq/Albu Alwan 01.08.2003: 2 U.S. soldiers erased and several wounded by a 90 minutes attack at morning on convoy with rocket-propelled grenades and

gunfire 7km west of Falluja, 2 humvees & 3 trucks burned out, witness validated dozen soldiers lay around injured

complete list back till May you can find at



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