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RtB Summer Camp - Reminder & Info

Anselm | 20.08.2003 10:59 | Anti-militarism

Reclaim the Bases Summer Camp
22-25 August 2003 at Bluebell wood AWE Aldermaston, near

1. Reminder
2. Proposed Schedule
3. Practicalities
4. Travel Information


1. Reminder

This weekend, 22 to 25 of August 2003, D10 is organising
the Reclaim The Bases Summer Camp: Skill sharing, training,
workshops & tips on NVDA, anti-militarism, military bases
and legal issues with a focus on practical actions.

The camp is at Bluebell wood AWE Aldermaston, near Reading

For more information:
Website -
Email -
Phone - 07887585721

2. Proposed Schedule

Note: this list is subject to change if more/different
workshops are offered

8pm onwards - camp set up (come and help if you can!)

Morning Camp set up (pits to dig, tents to put up, tarps to
drape, kitchens to clean! etc etc). Again, come and
help if you can (please!)
4-6pm Info session about camp and discussion about
Reclaim the Bases
Evening Informal session "action can be fun!". Sharing
personal stories and getting to know each other


10-12 Bases. Sharing info on different military
bases and the campaigns around them
2-4 Fence climbing
2-4 Something else!
4-6 Fence cutting, tripods, etc
After-dinner brief check-in meeting


10-12 Role of NVDA in wider movement
2-3 Approaches to police liaison(or not at all)
3-4 Organsing legal support and experiences of
direct action and the law
2-4 (parallel) Blockading techniques (inc lock-ons)
4-6 Court process and prison. Experiences and
different political approaches
After-dinner brief check-in meeting


10-12 Reclaim the Bases: where next?
Afternoon Take camp down (please help if you can)

Plus currently unscheduled workshops which can definitely

- mixed (gender) workshop on women-only organising
- discussion session on antimilitarism V anti-war
- monitoring (bases, convoys, etc)
- wool, gloop, and other messy fun stuff

3. Practicalities

- While we will provide meeting & workshop space, you have
to bring your own accomodation !(tent, sleeping bag, ...)
- We will provide vegan & vegetarian food, 3 meals a day.
Suggested daily donation is £5/£3
- We might be short on plates/cutterly/cups, so bring your
own if you can
- Bring anything you would like for workshops

4. Travel information
Aldermaston is just off the A340 approximately a quarter of
a mile from Tadley. nearest motorways are M4 (junction 12)
and M3 (junction 9)

There will be no trains between London Paddington and
Reading on the 23,24 and 25 of August. There are trains
from to Waterloo to Reading, though 40 minutes longer.

From Tadley : Walk towards the base (if you've taken a bus
from Reading/Basingstoke, walk back as the bus goes past
it) and to the left for one mile. Follow the fence and you
will get to the camp.

Buses from Reading train station: 143 or 148. Get off in
Tadley (See above). Link for local buses :

Buses from Basingstoke : Number 44a. Get off in Tadley
(see above). Link for local buses :

Trains: Mortimer is about 8 miles away. Aldermaston about 5

National Express stop Theale (Savacentre). This is about 8
miles from the camp. There are NO buses to the camp from
here. Best you can do is hitch towards Newbury on the A4
until you get to the A340 turnoff, then hitch up the
A340 - this goes past the camp (you will see the fenceline
way before the camp).

If people get really stuck they can call the RTB phone and
see if someone can rescue them - but no promises as we have
few vehicles. The RtB phone is 07887585721.


See you all this weekend !

- e-mail:
- Homepage: