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Sheffield STWC Update

Chris | 20.08.2003 08:51 | DSEi 2003 | Anti-militarism | Sheffield

A repost of a round up of actions, activities and stuff from the Sheffield Stop the war group, the original email is here:

Sheffield STWC Update
Tuesday 19th August 2003
07761 471 441

1. 20th Aug - Open Planning Meeting
2. 30th Aug - People's Assembly
3. 6-12th Sept - Protest Against DSEi
4. 27th Sept - National Demo Against the Occupation of Iraq
5. Contact the Media
6. Local and Workplace groups - contact info
7. How to Unsubscribe


1. Weds 20th August

Sheffield STWC Open Planning Meeting.

St Matthews Church on Carver St (down from Division St, just up from the fire station).

Come, help plan upcoming antiwar activities!


2. Saturday 30th August

Peoples Assembly: To indict the government for lies

A chance for the people of this country to voice their opinion against the war on Iraq. Speakers include Hans von Sponeck, former UN humanitarian coordinator for Iraq, Mark Curtis, author Web of Deceit, Louise Christian, lawyer for Guantanamo Bay Prisoners. If you are interested in going contact your local group for more details (contact information below).

10:30am-5:30pm, Friends Meeting House, Euston Rd, London.


3. 6-12th September 2003

Protest Against DSEi

A week of events protesting at Britain's biggest ever arms fair. The London Docklands will be home to over 600 arms companies along with government ministers.

There will be transport from Sheffield to the mass demonstration on the 6th. For more information, or to book your place, please call Steve on 0774 871 7066

DSEi will be taking place on 9-12th September 2003, in the Excel Centre, London Docklands.

More information at:


4. Sat 27th September

End The Occupation Of Iraq - National Demonstration

12 noon, central London.

Demonstrate in central London for the end of occupation in Iraq, freedom for Palestine, and no more war lies.

Coaches going from Sheffield. Get your tickets by calling 07761 471 441.

You can download leaflets about the demo from

Or pick up copies at the Sheffield STWC meeting tomorrow:


5. Contact the media.

Notice Biased (pro-war) coverage?

You can complain to TV and Radio stations' Duty Offices on one of the numbers below. All complaints get logged and counted. So if you see/hear something you think is a misrepresentation of the truth, don't sit stewing, get dialling!

BBC (08700 100 222), Channel 4 (020 7306 8333), Channel 5 (0345 050505), GMTV (0870 2 434333), Granada (0161 832 7211), ITC (020 7255 3000), ITN (020 7833 3000), ITV2 (020 7843 8000), LWT (020 7620 1620), Teletext UK (020 7386 5000), Yorkshire (0113 243 8283)

Or influence local opinion by writing a letter to the Sheffield Star.

Send it to: (and remember to include your home address, a daytime phone number and your name).

Or publicise your antiwar action through the media

Tell the local press what you're doing. Find information on where to send press releases at the foot of


6. Local and Workplace Groups contacts

Local STWC groups are meeting all over Sheffield. Many are holding public meetings in the coming weeks. Why not get involved in a group near you? If there's no group in your area, try contacting a nearby group.

Or if you want to organise a group in your neighbourhood or in your workplace, school or college Sheffield STWC will do what we can to help, and if you let us know a contact person/email address we will help you to publicise this (and give you website space if you want it).

Sharrow: 07759 824 555 or

Heeley: 258 3178 or or see:

Walkley: 07986 989 910

Parkhill: 07739 153 472 or or see:

Nether Edge: 258 3641 or

Hill'boro: 07890 088 456 or

Firth Park: 249 5172 or

Broomhill: 07956 384142 or

Pitsmoor: 275 5581

Hunters Bar: 07958 951 184 or visit the website:

Woodseats: 274 5630

Workplace/College Groups:
Hallam Uni Students: 07817 942 762 University Students: 07890 991 101
Health Workers: 07761 471 441 Teachers: 07890 088 456
Council workers (UNISON): 258 3129 Media Workers: 07810 250 272
Hallam Uni workers: 07940 353 119 PCS workers: 07949 646 392
University Workers: 07960 670 127

Wisewood School: Joey -
High Storrs: Edward -
King Edwards: Rosa -

Sheffield College:


Yorkshire Students Against War website:

Sheffield University:
Kevin - or 07986 426 777

Sheffield Hallam:
Suzie - 07967 340 275 or John - 01142666349

Women Against War: or see:

Sheffield Samba Band:


7. How to unsubscribe:

If you don't want to receive email updates from Sheffield STWC please unsubscribe by sending a blank email to:

You can re-subscribe at any time by emailing: Or via the website:

And you can check your subscription status at the list website:

If you want to unsubscribe from this list, and no longer receive updates about antiwar activities in Sheffield, you can do so by sending a blank email to

You can re-subscribe at any time by sending an email to



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