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New antiwar network

steve | 19.08.2003 13:56 | DSEi 2003 | Anti-militarism | London | Sheffield

Justice Not Vengence Northern launch meeting - 7pm, Wed 20th Aug, Leeds


The JNV Network is a new anti-war initiative from two co-founders of ARROW, David Polden and Milan Rai, now joined by a dozen other experienced activists.

The aim of the JNV Network is to create a network of anti-war groups of all denominations, to help them to communicate directly with one another, share ideas, information and campaigning materials and to foster democratic decision-making in the development of local and national campaigning strategies. Now is the time to consolidate, re-build and strengthen our groups.

THE MEETING AGENDA At the Northern launch meeting we'll be discussing what ingredients activists and groups would like to see in a new participatory anti-war network. The coordinating group will set out what led them to propose the setting up of a JNV Network, and explain how the initiative has developed so far. We'll then have small group discussion of what anti-war groups in the North of England would like to see in any new regional and national networks.

Please send one or more representatives of your group.

7-9pm, Wednesday 20th August
Leeds Civic Hall, Leeds.

A report of the London launch meeting is at



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