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In the City of Culture - the poor get sacked

Donald Hass | 05.08.2003 15:26 | Liverpool

AS well as the most thriving industry for locals being The modern sweatshop - 'Call centres' now we see more and more workers losing their jobs. As if council repairs are not needed

HUNDREDS of workers in Liverpool were today being balloted for strike action over the redundancy of dozens of their colleagues.

Employees at Interserve, who repair houses for Liverpool council, say they were told they would be losing their jobs when taxis delivered redundancy notices to their homes.

Some of the 63 affected staff were unaware of the cuts until they arrived for work yesterday.

Others received two letters, just over 12 hours apart, one informing them their jobs were safe, and the second saying they were being considered for compulsory redundancy.

Sid Fenlon, convenor for the Transport and General Workers Union, said: "Morale among the remaining workforce is at rock bottom and we are now balloting members for strike action.

"None of this makes any sense. We cannot meet the demands of the council and yet workers are being made redundant."

Donald Hass


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