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Tom paine | 05.08.2003 15:15

Phoney must go.

It's getting worse.

They are now smearing the dead.

They can't even wait till there are buried.

This shows a level of barbarity not seen since Hitler and Stalin.

How did our country get like this?

Why did we allow it to happen?

The simple answer is Phoney and Spin led us here.

They must go now.

They don't run the government anymore, anyway.

All their time is spent in corrupting the Committees, Judges and others who are investigating their criminal acts.

The MOD was found destroying evidence.

The police who investigated the matter were told to destroy all notes they had kept on the contents of the black bag they were handed.

The corrupt Diplock Hutton has been instructed by Omand not to ask for the bag.

The MOD say they will give it to him if he asks.

What a crock.

The accused will now give over the evidence they think they should.

Tom paine
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