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Call For a Collection Of Video Materials

Imc Uk | 15.03.2003 23:00 | Genoa | Globalisation | Repression | World


As the investigations of the brutal raid at the Diaz school and the beatings of Via Tolemaide are about to draw to a close the case has shown how video images have been crucial. Footage of the events that took place during and after the police burst into the Diaz and Pasquali schools badly injuring 61 people and arresting 93, the opposite Media Center could turn out to be fundamental in order to demonstrate what really happened on the night of July 21st 2001.

We are still looking for victims and witnesses who could provide decisive testimony. We are particularly looking for video footage because no testimony is stronger than that of the image. Many of the beatings in the streets of the city will be dismissed if it is not possible to identify those responsible and the arbitrary character of many of the arrests can only be proven using footage. In addition to the work of the lawyers, it is thus necessary that we activate every communications network so this material can be tracked down and made available so as to prevent the shelving of this Genoa in such a manner that there could be another Genoa.

Please make a copy of your footage and send it to:
Daniele Jenni (Lawyer), Speichergasse 31, 3011 Berne, Switzerland;
e-mail:, tel: Genoa legal forum 00 39 010 24 61 413
Genoa Legal Forum with the support of IMC Italy

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