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ZAPATISTA / 13th stele, part 7 an invitation..

Riq Quintano | 02.08.2003 17:42 | Globalisation | Zapatista

...the final invitation...

Originally published in Spanish by the EZLN
Translated by irlandesa

CHIAPAS: The Thirteenth Stele

Seventh and Last Part: A Postscript

Here it is again! It's back! After a tragic period when it didn't
delight us with its incomparable style! The much longed for!
The........Recurring.......Postscript! Yes!!!!! Yippee!!!!!! Hurray!!!!!!!
Bravo!!!!!!! Cheers!!!!!!!! (It may be assumed that at this point the
audience is erupting in joyful applause).

P.S. Which Extends the Hand and the Word. - It's official: you are
formally invited to the celebration of the death of the "Aguascalientes,"
and to the fiesta for naming the "Caracoles" and the beginning of the
"Juntas of Good Government." It will be in Oventik, San Andrés
Sacamch'en de Los Pobres Autonomous Municipality, Zapatista and Rebel Chiapas,
on August 8, 9 and 10 of 2003. Or, as we say here, arrival is on the
8th, the fiesta on the 9th and departure on the 10th. There is a sign
at the entrance to the Caracol of Oventik that reads: "You are in
Rebel Zapatista Territory: here the people govern, and the government
obeys" (I want to put a similar one up in our camps, but it would say:
"Here the Sup governs, and everyone can do whatever they like." Sigh.).

P.S. Which Reveals Classified Information. - Attending the fiesta, as
revealed by our intelligence services (who are, at the end of the day,
not so intelligent, because they still haven't found my sock that I
lost the other day), will be the Autonomous Councils of ALL the rebel
zapatista municipalities, the Clandestine Revolutionary Indigenous
Committee- Comandancia General of the EZLN, and some thousands of support
bases. There will be few speeches and many songs (there have been
persistent rumors that zapatista musical groups will be there from various
regions, and they will present a hyper-mega-magna-super duper concert for no
reason other than the joy of continuing to be alive and rebel -
compared to this, any techno concert would be nothing but a snack with a
piñata, little hats and tiny packets of sweets.

In the unlikely event that you decide to attend and to share this joy
with the transgressors of the law, you would do well to listen to the
following recommendations:

P.S. Which Blows Its Own Horn Because It Says Still an Umbrella (For
the Rain, You Understand). - In zapatista lands, the ground, in addition
to being dignified and rebel, is cold, wet and muddy. The fiestas are
generally so lively that the rain can't contain itself, and it has to
participate, extremely heavily, right in the middle of dances and
heartfelt words. That's why it wouldn't be a bad idea to bring, in addition
to light feet for dancing, an umbrella, nylon, plastic, a raincoat (or,
if lost, a magazine), in order to cover yourself from above and below.
One of those horrid "sleeping bags" would be of great use to you if you
wish to have the good fortune of being able to interpose something
between you and the rain, and between you and the ground.

P.S. Which Makes the Sign of the Cross. - In zapatón soil, the only
roof which is guaranteed is the one that the supporter of the sky holds
up (Old Antonio dixit), and, given what was explained in the previous
postscript, it rains during these days and nights as if it were thirst,
and not dignity, that abounded here. Because of that, you should be
willing to sleep (ave María purísima!) with many and many more, under the
same roof and in such promiscuity that would render Roman orgies mere
"children's parties."

Or you should bring one of those tents (which are quite practical,
because they're the first to become shipwrecked in the rain and the mud) in
order to pass countless moments of silence and tranquility.

P.S. Which Is Preparing a "Marco's Special" Sandwich. - Under
zapatudo skies, the only food which abounds and redounds is hope. Given that,
according to scientific studies, a balanced diet is necessary in order
to complete hope with calories, carbohydrates, vitamins, hydrocarbons,
and other similar things, it would be good if you were to bring an
adequate portion of canned food, junk food, rolls, biscuits and cookies (if
they're "pancrema," they'll be seized), or something of that nature,
because the only thing you're likely to find here is tortillas (and maybe
not even that).

P.S. Which Tunes In. - If you have one, bring your short-wave radio
(or "borrow" one, but don't buy it unless it's from a stall seller or a
small shop - they work better than those from the big malls), because on
August 9, at a time we still haven't decided, the first intergalactic
broadcast of "Radio Insurgente" will be heard. Even if you decide to
punish us with the whip of your disdain, wherever you are you will be
able to tune us in. The exact band and frequency are: band of 49 meters,
at 5.8 megahertz, on short-wave. Since it is to be expected that the
supreme will interfere with the transmission, move the dial with the
same swinging of hips like in a cumbia, and search until you find us.

P.S. Which Cheers. - During the momentous event, there will also be a
hard fought basketball tournament. The best team will rise to the
victory (note: any foreign team which dares to defeat the locals - the
zapatistas - will be taken prisoner, forced to listen, completely, to the
"Fox With You" program, and declared "illegal," therefore voiding his
victory). Participate! Support your favorite team! (note: any
demonstration of support or sympathy by the spectators towards any team other
than the locals - the zapatistas - will be remanded to the closest
assembly in order to be criticized and "looked at"). There will be teams
from all over the planet (United States, Euzkal Herria, the Spanish
State, France, Italy, UNAM, UAM, POLI, ENAH, "Civil Societies," "Absolute
Chaos, S.A. of (i)R. (i)L, of C.V." and others, including the "dream
team" of the "Primero de Enero de 1994 Rebel Autonomous Zapatista
Secondary School" (by the time they finish saying their name, the opposing team
will already be asleep!). It's almost certain that the final will be
between the EZLN and the EZLN (in order to guarantee it, generous
portions of sour pozol will be distributed to the other teams). It has been
rumored that there's been a fierce fight among the large multinational
sports news consortiums for broadcasting rights, but it would appear
that the Zapatista System of Intergalactic Television has the exclusive.
It is also said that the betting in Las Vegas is 7 times 7 to 0.0001
(in favor of the zapatudos, of course).

Vale. Salud and, if you can't come, don't worry, you'll still be with

(No longer to be continued)

From the mountains of the Mexican Southeast.

Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos

Mexico, July of 2003.

Riq Quintano
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