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DarkerCloud on | 01.08.2003 07:39

Police called to Carmarthen Dental Surgery as People blame the wrong Dentists. 300 people
unable to register. Many became abusive. Why are conditions so bad? What can be done?

There was abuse for NHS Dentists swamped by demand. But no action against greedy Dentists
who are refusing to treat NHS patients.

Long ago the greedy Dentists manoevered that the intake in Schools of Dentistry was reduced so that there would be a shortage of Dentists. They are now able to proclaim themselves as underpaid and get away with it because of the shortage.

The first remedy is that every Dentist who has turned away those who were their NHS patients should have to refund, at modern rates, the cost of their training and grant. And be charged the interest due on that money since, at about two or four percent above Bank Rate. That will go some way to fund enlarging and new building Dental Schools, or to reducing the National Debt.

Another remedy is to vote in a Party that will clear the National Debt by introducing progressive taxation at a rate that stops the Rich buying preferential treatment. The Labour Party that has sold out to the Rich backers of Tory Blair will hate that. The dreamy Liberal Democrats, called into existence to split the Labour Party and let in Thatcher will not like it either. There is just an outside chance that some hard realists in the Conservative Party might make the sort of decision Disraeli made when he won so much working class support by broadening the franchise. Most unlikely! Only the best Tories were horrified at Thatcher selling the UK family silver, and crippling the UK's ability to defend itself.

Are we going to see mobs rampaging down the streets? Probably not, if people do not have the gumption to get politically organised and vote for their candidate they will hardly get up the steam to riot. Unless the betrayals of all those politicians has so discredited the whole political system that that is seen as the only option left by angry people.

To hit the right targets, the dentists rejecting established NHS patients, to make it newsworthy you will have to find a number of other people rejected by the same dentist, and mount a substantial picket of their working surgery. Tell journos and TV. Organise yourselves. Start asking around for others who have been thrown off dentists' lists..

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