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Questions to ask about Depleted Uranium

Brenda | 28.07.2003 13:17 | Anti-militarism | London | Oxford

Damacio Lopez visited Fairford Tattoo and talked about depleted uranium. He suggested some questions we should ask MPs etc.

Depleted Uranium expert Damacio Lopez visited Fairford on the Saturday of
the War Tattoo 2003, and while the fighter planes screamed overhead, he
movingly recounted the history of his people and his lifetime struggle
against the use of DU in weapons of war. Depleted Uranium has already killed
countless numbers of Navaho people in Socorro, New Mexico, is producing the
new 'Gulf War Syndrome' and is poisoning the earth in vast tracts of
Afghanistan and Iraq for thousands of years to come.

Damacio needs us all to write to our MPs, our Prime Minister, our Town
Halls, any and every power broker we know. In your own words, ask them these
very simple questions below. Send their answers to us for publication on our
website, or send them direct to

€ What type of weapons does our country have that contain Depleted Uranium
(DU) ?

€ How much DU do each of these weapons contain?

€ Where has our military used these weapons and what were the amounts used?

€ Are these DU weapons tested on English soil? If so, where, and how much DU
has been expended at each of these sites?

€ Who are the companies that produce and test these weapons containing DU?

€ What type of weapons containing DU do these companies produce and what is
the weight of DU in each of these weapons?

€ Using export licences, who do these companies sell these weapons to, and
how much do they charge for each individual weapon?

€ Does our country store these weapons containing DU for other countries?

€ Does any country other than the UK test these weapons on British soil?

€ Would you sign a moratorium to temporarily stop the use, testing, and
production of these weapons containing DU until conclusive cause and health
effect studies are performed by scientific methods?

The two photos on our webpage are of a suspected uranium warhead bomb
explosion in Baghdad taken from TV news reports. The size of fireball in the
first picture and the lingering "stars" 3 seconds later in the second
picture indicate a large warhead with powerful incendiary effects and large
pyrophoric fragments in the explosion plume. This was no conventional high
explosive warhead - they provide one brief flash plus smoke plume....