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GM Debate? Exclusive Indymedia Video

R2R | 20.07.2003 02:23 | Bio-technology | Indymedia | Technology

During the six weeks worth of public debates, our roving reports attended almost a dozen sperate events and interviewed people leaving the debates to find out what they thought.
This 25 minute video gives you an insight into public opinion about the government consultation exercise and the state of our democracy...

25 minute divx version (320 x 240, 10 fps), approx 19mb

Or try this modem friendly Realvideo version...

(Note: Real Player is full of spyware and adverts. You can download a bloat free alternative from



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High quality Real Video version

20.07.2003 10:42

Follow this link for high bandwidth Realvideo version of the film.

85 mb - meant to stream, but it doesn't


Thanks for the real alternative

21.07.2003 12:09

Thanks for the tip. That alternative to RealPlayer is great. Real Player was slowing my system right down and connnectiong to the net uninvited. The Media Player Clasic I downloaded from is great - it plays Quicktime videos as well.

Anyway, I watched you video but it didn't stream, I had to download it. Is that right?


Addition: New links to R2R videos

31.12.2009 22:38

So you've come across this old article but the links don't work?

Over the years that real2reel have been posting videos and links to indymedia, technology and bandwidth have improved but websites have come and gone. While indymedia is still here, many of the sites which hosted our videos are long gone and any video you can still get at is usually only very low bandwidth versions which might have been great five years ago but are now rightly considered to be very poor quality in comparison with other videos now available online.

We've started going trawling the net and our own archives to get all those videos online again in as good quality as possible. We've been posting the videos to and from there they are also uploaded to youtube, and other sites.

We've set up a wordpress blog from which you can pull feeds.
You can also follow our new twitter account to hear about new videos as they are posted.

Find all the videos on Blip TV here
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