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ISM Reports: Hearing For ISM Prisoners TOMORROW

ISM Media Office. Undod Palesteina. Aberystwyth Peace Network | 16.07.2003 16:09

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The hearing for the eight imprisoned international peace
activists has been set for tomorrow thursday july 17th at 11:30
AM at the Tel Aviv district court, 1 Weizman St., corner of Shaul
The eight activists began refusing food last night in protest over
the abuse of Palestinian prisoners and in solidarity with
Palestinian political prisoners hungerstriking across Israel. They
were also demanding their immediate and unconditional
release as they were arrested while non-violently protesting
illegal occupation policies and violation of Palestinian human
This morning the Israeli police at the Ariel settlement police
station punished the activists for their hungerprotest by taking
away their books, pens, papers, cigarettes and phone cards that
had been brought to them by israeli supporters.

Four of the Activistis Tobias Karlsson (SWEDEN), Tarek Loubani
(CANADA), Fredrick Lind (DENMARK) and Bill Capowski (USA)
were arrested on july 9, for sitting in a peace tent in Arrabony
village near Jenin in protest over the confiscation of palestinian
land for the building of the Apartheid wall by Israel. The other
four, Daniel Knutsson (SWEDEN), Alex Perry (UK), Saul Reid
(UK) and Thomas Pellas (FRANCE) were arrested on july 10 in
the city of Nablus, for parttaking in a non-violent action removing
roadblocks in defence of the Palestinian's human right of
freedom of movement. Since their arrest their hearing has been
postponed twice and they have been denied bail. Please come
out and support if you can!
We need your help deferring our increasing legal fees. Please
see our website if you can donate.

For more information, please contact:
Huwaida: +972-67-473308
ISM Media Office: +972-2-2774602

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