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Statewatch News Online (14 July)

statewatcher | 16.07.2003 12:49 | Analysis | Repression | London | World

Statewatch News online, 14 July 2003

1. Final draft EU Convention: Updated versions as at 8 July 2003

2. EU: "The European arrest warrant from the perspective of a German defence attorney", speech by Wolfgang Kaleck, defence attorney, Berlin

3. EU: French government demands the Schengen police cooperation "timetable" is updated and calls on Schengen states to "disassociate" themselves from draft prepared by the Council General Secretariat: see:

4. G8: injured activist released from hospital after one month - new video evidence demonstrates police negligence

5. EU: Italian Presidency wants to make national football bans EU-wide

And on News in brief:

6. Sri Lanka: a) Use of fingerprints to be tested on Sri Lankans (IRR News Service) and b) Agreement with Sri Lanka government on readmission - return of nationals, third country nationals in transit and stateless persons

7. UK: Report from the "Independent Race Monitor" appointed to review the "effect of Ministerial authorisations to discriminate on grounds of nationality or ethnic origin" in immigration and nationality matters