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RAF Fairford - Independence from America

Suzanne Dow | 06.07.2003 20:59 | Anti-militarism | Oxford

On Friday 4th July, American Independence Day, a number of people from Oxford met with other local activists and marched on RAF Fairford.  The demonstrators assembled in Fairford village at 3pm, with many in fancy dress as the event formed part of the "Gatecrashers' Ball". Some of the men came in black tie, with women in comedy ball gowns.  The procession went to the main gates of the base waving banners and enjoying some of the Arabic music someone had brought along.  On arrival, the Declaration of Independence from America was read and signed.  The protesters stayed to have a picnic of cucumber sandwiches and fairy cakes, and eventually drifted off home.  The protest passed off entirely peacefully, with only some irritable car drivers raising objections to the protest.

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Suzanne Dow