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G8- news from th aubonne group

digicam | 14.06.2003 17:23

We got a cool lawyer !!! and other good news

Hers a short update of the situation.........

First, internationally, the Swiss consulate was occupied in barcelona friday,
the 13.6., but evicted at two am. Saturday however, the climbers are still
there at lunch time, so the banner still hangs as a message over a twelve
lane motorway. And this is just the last of a whole bunch of solidarity actions, other occurred in Berlin, Bern, Geneva, Lausanne, London, Luxemburg, Mancherster and Oslo.

Also on Friday, here in Laussane, we retained a really groovy lawyer, who,
asides from being generally charming and schmoove, also seems to be a bit
of a legal mover and shaker.
Within seconds of meeting him, he had lept into action and sorted all sorts
of things out, papers were flying all over the hospital room, and martin
was under strict instructions to stop upsetting the nurses, who are 'the
exploited not the exploiters'.

So, thats looking really good, today we will transfer loads of files etc
to him, so that he can start to build the charges and strategy.
As for Martin, more good news. His balls are back to normal!
No really, good news...
On monday he goes for a second operation, to remove the metal bolts that
are holding his ankle and foot together. They will replace the enourmous
bolts for some smaller, internal ones, and cover it all in a nice plaster
for us to write on.
The hospital says it is possible that they can discharge him in two weeks
already! This dosent mean the end of the road, more the begining of the
road to recovery, but it is still really good news.

As for us, the bridge support group, we are ok. people are very tired and
emotionally drained, especially those who are still here and were present
on the action. But this news, and the temporal arrival of Jo, has made
a big difference.
Also, all the international support is incredibly inspiring. It is great
to see a living international community in action, working effectivly and
flexably in times of crisis, and at a time when we were all already totally
knackered and looking forward to a bit of a break.
We have also started to work much more closley with the local anti repression
group, and are manouvering to change a bit our press message, to show how
this was not an isolated incidednt, but instead a single incident in an
overall and persistant trend of violent repression against the diverse
anti neo liberal social movements.

On the fund raising side, they also need abit of help, so we shall endevour
not to isolate all avilable resources for the bridge action.

One last thing. Switzerland is still prooving to be a very funny country.
Today the local and very friendly squatters (they put us up, put up with
us, feed and water us etc) are installing a wirless intenet and laptop
into martins hospital room. Tommorow, you will be able to email him!

ok, love to you all
sunny vibes from a dark sweaty office

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