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Barcelona Swiss Embassy occupation update

Mig del norte | 14.06.2003 17:13

Latest from Ave Carles 3

At 5 PM yesterday riot cops withdrew from directly beneath the two climbers.

At the same time a delegation met with the Swiss consul over Martin´s situation. Whilst the delegates tried to question him over the criminal act of a state appointed police officer; and what he would do to press for an independent inquiry as a national of the country concerned, with the authority to aid a citizen of his host city.

However the consul avoided this issue and tried to fob them off with bullshit about whether or not medical expenses would be paid. Thus no real progress was made.

At 1.45 this morning the police who, were blockading the front of the building, went in (with the biggest pair of bolt croppers I`ve ever seen) and evicted the 10 who had barricaded themselves inside. This was instigated by the consul who allowed them to walk free unmolested.

It is now the evening, up to the early afternoon, again, with temperatures above 30 degrees Oscar and Claudio still remain with the intention of staying suspended from the building until an independent inquiry is confirmed

Mig del norte


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