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Tom Paine | 10.06.2003 17:35

Sir David Omand has made a secret deal with Donald Anderson.
The 45 minute lie and the fact that Phoney had intelligence that Saddam did not have WMD will not come out.

Omand has nobbled the Foriegn affairs Committee on the instructions of Phoney.

Omand has instructed Anderson who to call as witnesses, the questions, timeing and duration of each session.

The complaint Anderson has eagerly agreed and started to arrange things with his fellow members.

Omand is an old hand at covering up embarrasments.

While Permanent Secretary at The Home Office, on the instructions of Straw, he covered up and misdirected an investigation into Europe-wide corruption by Interpol.

Having succeeded so magnificently in that endeavour, Phoney recognized his special abilities, and moved him to Downing Street.

He will be over-stretched on this one but he should succeed given that labour have a majority on the Committee.

Phoney, Straw, Spin Ali, Powell and Omand are very worried at the moment but with a bit of luck they should come through.

Otherwise, it will be the International Criminal Court for the lot of them.

Tom Paine
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