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ISM Reports: IOF Attempted Failed Assassination In Jenin

Ewa J. in Jenin | 10.06.2003 13:54

The Latest ISM Activist Report From Jenin, West Bank

IOF forces blasted their way into the Kuffr Rye home of Esam Ahmad
Ibrahim, 39, at 9pm last night. Esam was shot in the side, blood
his lungs and he choked to death in his home. Walleed Hizulla, also 39,
was shot in the leg and is in a stable condition. He was not wanted. 2
others were arrested in the attack but there is no information
on their identities or their whereabouts.

Aside from this, the roads and routes in and out of Jenin are ok. There
have been no reports of detentions, beatings, theft or arrests. People
here are however expecting either curfew, a shut down of the city or an
incursion as a containment strategy from the IOF against any potential
retaliation from Jenin (strong Jihad and Hamas area) in response to the
attempted assassination of Abdel Aziz Rantissi in Gaza city today. The
Senior Hamas leader was attacked by up to seven Apache fired missiles
this morning. 3 bystanders, including a woman and her daughter were
killed and 20 others injured. Rantassi is said to have injuries to is
legs but is in a stable condition. He has vowed to take revenge and
and many others' position of No capitulation to the Road Map and the
ongoing Israeli war disguised as peace appears to have been fortified
the attempt on his life.

Ewa J. in Jenin
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