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Madrid Okupied Lab 04

ipsiphi | 10.06.2003 12:35

Madrid Lab 04 okupied.

Madrid Okupied Lab 04
Madrid Okupied Lab 04

on Monday the long expected eviction of Lab 03 happened in Madrid. Long expected meant everyone knew. It wasn't the "wake you up coming through the door @ 5 am" sort of eviction. No it was "civilised" with lots of policemen and TV cameras asking the locals what they thought.
The locals needless to say quite liked the Okupes.
(they most often do)
Okupation or squatting is a vital right. Though oddly it is only legally afforded that status in two of Europe's judicial areas.
Houses without people and people without houses.
We can never pretend that squatting alone will stop homelessness, we can never pretend that all rough sleepers will find a place or community in okupation, but we can say most definitely that the presence of okupation prevents speculative drives in working class and deprived areas of most European cities. We can not account of all the squatters of Europe but we can generalise that many are of "the left" and we know that the best examples of Squatting have always been anarko-collectives.
Oh and we can thanks to European Union figures on homelessness and "insecure housing" postulate the presence of seven million people on this continent in squats or using squatted information/ social centres.
So now you know.
Visit Madrid visit Lab 04.

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