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GM crop trashing near Reading

hamish campbell | 29.06.2003 13:03 | Bio-technology | Ecology | Oxford | World

at 4.00 am Sunday morning syngenta's GM wheat trial crop was trashed at Jealott's Hill research lab by 60 white clad activists from all over the UK.

there is a video too...

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Action needed at this crucial time

29.06.2003 17:06

Much respect to the activists that took part in this action. With the government about to make its inevitable decision to commercialise, despite scientific doubts and overwheelming public opposition, then the anti-GM movement needs to up its activity. This is a great start - let's make it a summer of protest against GM!

Also take a look at the BBC report on the action:


Maybe too late

30.06.2003 01:44

Brilliant and courageous piece of work.

I hate to say it but looks like you were way too late though. Those ears of wheat in the pictures look fully developed (but not yet ripe) to me and therefore the GM pollen will already have been scattered far and wide by the wind contaminating all the neighbouring farms.

Farmer Palmer

More photos of Jealotts Hill GM action

30.06.2003 07:41

Photos from Jeolott's Hill Research Station direct action GM crop trashing action 29th June 2003.

To obtain hi-res scans of these photos for publication, contact Charles on 07050 618445


Still hope for the future

30.06.2003 19:16

This is an amazing feat. I take my hat off to all of these dedicated people who are out there doing this not just for themselves, but for all of us. What they do could save us all and the generations to come. You are all true heroes fighting for a just cause. I have now made my decision - I want to be with you, where do I sign up?


Late or not...

07.09.2005 22:45

Late or not, well done guys. Keep the pressure on and the development costs high.