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Robert | 29.06.2003 10:40 | DSEi 2003 | Anti-militarism | Globalisation | London

If you're for trade justice OR peace then you should be for both. And why not come to the massive international protests in september against Europe's biggest arms fair - scene of the European anti-WTO Convergence...

It's VITAL that we make the link between TRADE JUSTICE and the so called "WAR ON TERRORISM".

Bullying at the WTO and at the hands of the IMF and World Bank and other such economic imperialism - and I think imperialism is a fair word for it (not just US imperialism but the imperialism of the world's business elite)...

...has always been backed up by militarism of the dominant world powers.

These two aspects are very much just two sides of the same coin.

So those of us campaigning for trade justice and those of us campaigning for peace (who in many but not all cases are the same people anyway) are really all fighting for the same thing. A just peaceful sustainable world and a global economy/society that's not rigged towards the vested interests of the corporations.

It's really important that we link our struggles like this.

So if you're against the blatent unfairness of WTO rules and processes and the "War Against Terror", then come down to London's Docklands in September to demonstrate against the arms trade AND the Cancun WTO meeting simultaneously!

The DSEi (destroying societies environments and individuals) is Europe's Biggest Arms Fair. Hundreds of so called "defence" firms will be selling hugely destructive weapons to governments including many on Amnesty International's list of nations with serious human rights concerns. In the past, torture weapons were for sale. Many buying governments are extremely poor and should be spending those collosal sums of money on providing food, healthcare and education for their impoverished people.

Without the arms trade there would be no catastrophic wars impoverishing the people of Africa. Without the arms trade there would be no war against terrorism. And without McDonell Douglas there would be no McDonalds.

Converge in the London Docklands on Sept 9th or 10th (or 11th or 12th!) to say NO to the arms trade and NO to the World Trade Organisation.

Join Campaign Against the Arms Trade and Globalise Resistance and many many many others for a peaceful demo on Tuesday Sept 9th around the Excel Centre (hosting the DSEi).

also Apparently Sept 10th is "Direct Action Day" (whatever that means!) :-)

Checkout the weblink ( for more info about the Disarm DSEi campaign.

This is the big protest of late summer. Didn't make it to Evian or Thesaloniki? Then come down to London. Or come down anyway.

Please network this protest.



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29.06.2003 10:43

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29.06.2003 10:45

I did type this in correctly but for some reason it seems to have printed the email twice and not the web link so here it is again hopefully

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