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When Injustice becomes Law Resistance becomes Duty

Imc Scotland | 29.03.2003 23:00 | Peace not War

Demonstration in Edinburgh on Saturday, 29th of march.

The demonstration on Saturday was quite big and most impressive with over more than 10000 people.
The new tactic was fencing off the route of the demonstration from the starting point till the end.
However, inspiring and exciting was the crossing of the fencing, when protesters blocked one of the bigger traffic junctions in Edinburgh with a street party including music and dancing.
Many sympathisers of the peace movement also showed their support by banging pots and other kitchen equipment or hanging banners out of their windows or onto the balconies, which was further encouraging.

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Critical Mass on Friday

A peace protest in form of a bicycle demonstration rolled around the city centre on Friday evening. "Bicycles not bombs" and "No Blood for Oil" were slogans of some of the environmentalists campaigning for a sustainable longterm solution to the worlds energy problem rather than waging war on countries rich in oil and other exploitable resources.
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Protest on Thursday

In Edinburgh, at midday on Thursday, an autonomous demonstration was taking place, which was quite fun, exciting, spontaneous and successfull. A picket outside the Army Recruitment Office was held, and a major junction on the main shopping road was blocked as well as a sitdown in front of GAP happened.
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Anti-war demonstration, Glasgow

The anti-war demonstration in Glasgow last Saturday on the 22nd of march is still of concern to the participants, particularly because of the police brutality happening. [ Robert Burns against the war . | report 1 | report 2 ]

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