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Solidarity with the prisoners in Thessaloniki by La Haine - [ 24,06,03]

la haine (translation) | 24.06.2003 23:09 | Thessaloniki EU | World

The comrade Fernando Perez Gorraiz, anarchist from Burgos, has been charged with the following:

Possession of weapons, Possession of explosives Use of explosives Participation in violent demonstration Rioting Breach of Social Peace Damages to public and private property Arson

From this list: 4 of the charges carry a sentence of more than 5 years of imprisonment. The other charges in the list, between 3 to 5 years. Apparently the judge in duty intends to charge him with "membership of an armed group", although this has not yet been formalised. The Anti-terrorist law in Greece was introduced two years ago, but has yet not been applied, not even to members of the armed group 17N, so there might be a possibility that it will not be applied in the case of Fernando.

In the case that the law is taken to rigour, Fernando could be the first person to undergo the consequences of this law, forming part of what could be one of the largest legal displays in the history of Greece.

The next 5 days will be decisive. He is very likely to be condemned to 18 months or preventive prison awaiting trial in tomorrow's hearing. But in these 5 days we will know what the final charges are and whether solidarity and pressure from the streets is enough. Maybe the preventive prison can be replaced for a bail that could amount up to 3'000 euros, although this is yet unconfirmed.

Evidence against him is the witness testimony of a police officer who says that he saw him throwing ‘molotov cocktails’, that, and he followed him and saw him "provoking disturbances" in the demonstration. He says that at the moment of the arrest, people around Fernando charged against the police to prevent his arrest and the policeman says that he believes that they were protecting the alleged anarchist ‘leader’.

An important media campaign has been mounted surrounding this case. The newspaper ELEFZEREOTOPIA (of progressive tendency) through the journalist GIORGOS MARNELU has said, in a piece of news published in this national newspaper, that Fernando is "a dangerous Basque anarchist, internationally wanted, leader of de acrata international movement’.

The lawyers in charge of Fernando’s case are considering taking legal measures against the newspaper and the journalist.

All support, help and solidarity are needed!

Adress to the newspaper:
Minos 10-16, 117 43 Athens
Tel: (0030) 21 09 29 60 01
Offices inThessaloniki: Corner of Tsimiski with Kuskura.

La Haine has opened a space for solidarity groups and organisations to publishtheir calls in solidarity and support of Fernando and the other prisoners in Thessaloniki.

The information will be constantly updated with each announcement of

Wednesday : 19:00 in the Greek Office of Tourism \ Alberto Eyrie 17 San
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Update other arrested people in Thessalonica
La Haine [ 24.06.03 - 22:03]
The member of CNT-Madrid, was not released today but expected to be set
free tomorrow,. Today 2 Austrian activists were released at 12.30 also
arrested on the 21st of June.

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