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Thessaloniki Update of situation on prisoners

imc austria | 24.06.2003 22:02 | Thessaloniki EU | Repression | World

two translations from lahaine about the legal situation particularly of one of the Spanish guy.

by Anarchist Iberian Comrades 11:02pm Tue Jun 24 '03

Prisioners charged with silly illusions - Expertise in international terrorism!

Prisoners charged with silly illusions - Expertise in international terrorism!

We have just been informed that the comrade (F), is suffering tortures, having health problems and propensity to anaemia. And now he is portrayed in the media as a "basque libertarian, sought internationally..."(!!!), expert in "international terrorism" (!!)...and presenting him as little less than, as a species of "subcomandante"(!!)

The media campaign, according to Greek comrades, compares to nothing. But they suspect that the message that they want to transmit is that of control of "the dangerous and autochthonous elements " and that all events of this weekend are due to foreign elements... And also, deviate public attention from of the use of gases that are prohibited by Greek laws, gases used in Vietnam by the USA (Cn, Cs).

The comrades with whom we are in contact are still suffering symptoms like discomfort in lungs and eyes.

Twenty-eight persons have their hearing today. The comrade (F) is has it tomorrow, and it seems that want they want to charge him with possession of weapons (!!), so as to hold him for 18 months in preventive prison.

The charges on this companion are very serious, it seems they want to put as "scapegoat" and he could be condemned to up to 15 years of prison (!!!!). THE SITUATION IS VERY SERIOUS

Another companion that is in a very delicate situation is the comrade from Syria, who, as we informed before, will be condemned to the death penalty if he is extradited to his country of origin.

They all have suffered tortures, and continue to suffer tortures at this moment. The comrade (C.) has had his arms completely bruised and he has lost part of his hair, because they pulled it out of his head as torture.

We expect to offer a bank account in support for the comrades shortly.

SOLIDARITY URGENT AND ACTIVE AGAINST THE REPRESSION! ---------------------------------------------------------

THE LATEST SO FAR 24.06.2003 16:34


Fernando, the activist from Burgos, Spain, detained on the 21st of June in the demonstration against the EU of Thessalonica, is now in a serious situation, according to information that his lawyer gave to La Haine ,

Eleceodeotipia, one of the main corporate Greek newspapers, has mounted a media campaign against him with headers like " Basque anarchist sought internationally" and has published that "has pending court cases in 23 Countries".

The judge, who in principle accused him of " possession of incendiary appliances" (a flare a molotov cocktail), has arbitrarily changed the charges, accusing him of "membership to armed band". The press media have created the social opinion that during the demonstrations the police had acted "passively, while the demonstrators destroyed the city", and are using this case to stress the fact that among those demonstrators there was an "international leader of armed band". The lawyer of F. believes it to very possible that they give him preventive prison of 18 months and a prison sentence of various years. It is urgent to develop an extensive campaign of solidarity in the Spanish State and internationally for his support.

La Haine expects to be able to offer more details on the case in the next hours. In the same way, they will open a space so that organisations of solidarity can upload their calls for support for the victims of repression in Thessalonica. The two activists frm Austria who were also arrested on the 21st of June have been released today at 12.30 o'clock.

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Greek anarchist comrades have opened a bank account in solidarity with the arrested people in salonika. We need approximately 30,000 euros for trial, bails and so on. the account is:

Banco Pireos 5209-0164-58-443

Name: Ieropoulos Ioannis. INTERNATIONAL SOLIDARITY!!!!!!

imc austria