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Seth D. King | 24.06.2003 20:47 | No War F15 | Education | Indymedia | London | World

a poem...

Orwell 2004
Orwell 2004

U.S. Debt
U.S. Debt


vote in 2004/
even the score…/

Gore 50,999,897, Bush 50,456,002…/
re-defeat Bush!/

spend my tax dollars on your f--kin’ war?/
not anymore!/

Bush lied, thousands died…/
reclaim American Democracy…/
war 4 profit is murder 4 money!/

if you are Democrat, Civil Libertarian, Independent, Reform, or Green…/
then know what I mean…/

we must unify our voting power in the 2004 Presidential election…/
and a Democrat right now is our only realistic chance 2 change present American political misdirection/

whether Dennis Kucinich, John Edwards, Bob Graham, Dick Gephardt, Al Sharpton, Joe Lieberman, Carol Moseley Braun, or Howard Dean…/

anyone of them is better than Skull & Bones Bush and his cabinet of the ethically obscene!/


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THE SUN ASCENSION, by Seth David King
ISBN 1-55395-561-7; $19.50 US/$28.95 CDN, paperback; 190 pages

Striking. Illuminating. Poetic. Political. Spiritual.

“I'm here to love like Mahatma Gandhi...
And fight like Muhammad Ali...
I come to stand up for human rights...
And demand to be free!”

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  1. Just great. — Flaming Sword
  2. Sober sir... — Seth