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Stonehenge Solstice Pics (inc arrest)

sunshine | 23.06.2003 13:05 | Culture | Free Spaces | Repression | London

Stonehenge Pictures - Sat 21st June 2003

Despite English Heritage opening "on the wrong day" and saying that people would only be allowed into the stones at 2am, a record 27-30,000 people attended the celebration.

police pounce to arrest man
police pounce to arrest man

"rubbish / conditions of entry!"
"rubbish / conditions of entry!"

stones against the lightening sky
stones against the lightening sky

people on all sides of the fence
people on all sides of the fence

fantastic sunrise sky
fantastic sunrise sky

sun in the stones
sun in the stones

stone dancing
stone dancing

long view
long view

Quick report on one of the arrests at stonehenge:

At very nearly 6am a man who someone said had just jumped over the fence between the stone fields and the road running alongside by the English heritage centre was grabbed by a policeman who had shouted at him and run up the road after him.

Another policeman also ran up and appeared to be trying to calm the other police man down.

The man then threw his bag over the small fence and jumped into the neighbouring field which had many people in it, calmly walking off. But the first policeman jumped over the fence too, following him ino the field and talking to him.

They walked on a little before we witnessed the policeman and another officer who had approached from the other direction wrestle him to the ground, soon joined by a third who held him on the ground as people in the main stonehenge field shouted "leave him alone" and "let him go".

Soon he was led off hancuffed back up the road towards english heritage centre which was being used as a police hq as more police arrived on the road and inside the stone field to deal with the crowd now gathered at the fence.

Officer 1373 explained to the crowd now gathered at the fence that the man had been arrested because he had refused to give his name and address when told he would be issued a summons for criminal damage for jumping over the fence!! Everyone present thought this was just plain ridiculous and that the main policeman involved had been spoiling for a fight (indeed this police officer (with badge number something like W*142?) was later seen being aggressive to other people and shouting at people calling them things like "fuckwit").


The other pics are general solstice ones - fuller report to follow...



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Bloody hippies

23.06.2003 14:55

Sad truth is, many of the filthy unwashed rabble who litter Stone'enge every year ARE 'fuckwits'.

I mean, I'm all in agreement with what hippies are meant to support - peace, love, diversity, community, drugs, sex, music etc - but lets face it, hippies are SHITE at all of these.

There is scarcely a more reactionary force out there than a collection of your average lame-arsed sunrise greeters.

Unwashed for the sake of it middle-class divvies the lot of 'em. Sexually untrustworthy, boring, dreadfully self-centred and juvenile and with about as much chance of changing the world as Dubya has of joining the Green Party.

And the clothes! And the shit "body modification"! And the inept entrepeneurialism! They're just another bunch of consumers, killing time before the inevitable sell-out.

"Hippies! I hate 'em! They say they wanna save the world and then they drive cars with low gas mileage" - Eric Cartman

Proudhon's Ghost

the only thing worse than hippies..

23.06.2003 15:56

There is nothing worse than people who generalise so poorly and offensively.
Even if the description was right, I'd still rather spend my time with that kind of people than with the likes if the silly commentator above.

Poor sod.

You get a life of your own, then move on to literate criticism.


Predictable, typical

23.06.2003 16:06

Its specifically 'cos I've got a life that I am able to rip the piss out of hippies, and also the humourless fuckwits who write the above po-faced drivel masquerading as criticism.

I just knew that some boring twat would immediately respond with a ponderous lack of irony to my provocation. And there you are. Bingo.

You want "literate" criticism, do you? The fact that my original posting was grammatically correct and properly spelt, plus supported with a direct quote and spiced up with barbed humour not literate enough for ya?

I suggest you look up the word "literate". Maybe you meant "cogent", although I doubt if you've heard of the word.

Loser. Loser. Thrice loser.

Go dance around some burning tyres with your loser crusty mates. I'm off to do some real political agitation.


Proudhon's Ghost

Well divided

24.06.2003 12:23

well the roolers will be well chuffed to see that we are so nicely divided amongst ourselves. it makes their job a piece of piss .
As your such a literati perhaps you could look up another word
TOLERANCE, you'll find it goes something like "able to tolerate the beliefs ations opinions ect of others" ... even middle class hippies innit ?


Bloody Starshine People!

26.06.2003 16:59

These hippies or Flower People or Starshine People or whatever it is they call themselves these days are so out of it on drugs and wierd pagan beliefs that they are not in touch with the real world. They are a bunch of mostly middle class dropouts who think that they can change the world by doing no work, chanting songs and slogan and wearing scruffy clothes and generally making a nuisence of themselves.



27.06.2003 11:17

There are two sorts of people in the world:

1, Those that want a better world for themselves.

2, Those that want a better world for everyone else.

Whych one are you?

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