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Thessaloniki: Live Radio offline as police surrounds university

update | 21.06.2003 18:58 | Repression | World

the live radio stream is offline at the moment. Here are the last minutes of the radio.

to listen:

The live radio stream from Greece was shut down after the police seemed to have intentions to enter the philosophical part of the faculty. Beforehand it was already discussed by the university authorities to allow the police access to the university, which they are not allowed to enter by law.

"Indymedia is discussing to leave in the case that the asylum is broken down."

"We have to close as there are cops at the other side and the cops are closing in.
We may need to broadcast from another place.
A very small break and we will w be online again."

"We have to break broadcasting via the internets for a few minutes. Please try connecting later."