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sara | 20.06.2003 17:59 | Evian G8 | Globalisation | Repression

This evening the two guys hunging from Swis embassy in Barcelona decided to come down.

The two guys who having hanging from the facade of the Swis consulate in Barcelona (Spanish state)are this evening coming down of the building. They have been hanging from the building for days (since last Friday) in protest to police brutality during the G8 meeting at Evian, specially they asked for police responsability on serioulsy injuring the activist Martin Shaw.

Last nite after having been hanging from the Swis embassy's facade for 7 days they decided to take a further step and go on hunger strike. They have followed the whole day but this evening they decided that they will get down at 6-6.30pm. The decision has beeen taken to avoid deteriorating their health any further. The press has been called to attend when they descend and they will read a statement.
Thanx guys for you persistance, nice action.
Gracies i salut!