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G8 : Annemasse, demonstration for Carlo Giuliani

pingouin | 29.05.2003 19:10 | Genoa

Annemasse, demonstration for Carlo Giuliani
translated from indymedia Paris (

Thousands of people from both villages are crossing right now the town of Annemasse. It's not a lot but for the scale of this town, it is quit good.

On the phone one can hear music and a nice athmosphere : the demo is lead by a english group call "pinky", all dressed up in Pink.

Stores have closed as we have been told since couple of days now but inhabitants came out in numbers to see the demonstration. Demonstrators have the feeling of being welcome.

As mentioned previously by Jacques B, no police. They know how to stand discretely on the side for now (or maybe they are too busy giving tickets for any single violation as mentioned on ?)

Meanwhile, masses of people continue to arrive in the intergalactic village and in the anti-capitalist anti-war village.