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concerned U.S. citizen | 17.05.2003 20:56

Dear British friends this is urgent! Please notify your local media editors and refer to this ad. The very brave persons who placed this ad did it at their own risk to get it out to the public. Your co-operation is needed now more than ever! Thank you!

May 17th Saturday, 2003

History was made today.

FTW, thanks to a wonderful subscriber who paid for it, ran a full page
ad on Page A25 of the Washington Post. If you have not seen the ad
please visit:

I am now calling on every FTW subscriber who has asked me for so long,
"What can I do?" to pick up their telephone TODAY and call every LOCAL
press outlet, print or electronic in their city and tell them to look
at page A-25 of today's Washington Post. These calls need to be made

Already our web site traffic is 6x normal and the ripples are bouncing
through Washington. We can use this energy if we act now. The people do
have a voice, a voice that will not be as strong or as powerful in just
24 hours. And it all happened because one FTW subscriber, who cares
about the future, decided to vote with his money!

Here are some quick reference numbers for important contacts but don't
stop there. If you have been an FTW subscriber for even one month, you
know what to do. George W. Bush announced his re-election bid today.
Let's make it a day he and the administration and both political parties
will never forget!

When you make the calls always as for the news or editorial department!

Since the ad ran in Washington, saturate the local DC stations.
WJLA TV – ABC Washington 202-364-7777
WRC TV – NBC Washington 202-885-4000
WTTG TV – Fox Washington 202-244-5151
WUSA TC – CBS Washington 202-895-5999
WTMW TV – Washington 703-528-0051
WNVT TV – Washington 703-698-9682

And draw the ad to the attention of every major paper in the country:
The New York Times, The Boston Globe, The LA Times, The Philadelphia
Enquirer, The Dallas Morning News, The Atlanta Journal Constitution, The
Miami Herald, etc.

This is an incredible opportunity to make a difference!

Mike Ruppert
From The Wilderness Publications

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concerned U.S. citizen


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