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Tom Paine. | 17.05.2003 11:42

The results of Phoney Blair's and Adolf Rumsfeld's attack on Iraq are now becoming evident.

Bombs in Saudi. Bombs in Casa.

Madrid and London next?

This terror will be going on for the next 20 years or more.

You can not defeat a terrorist who has real grievance and is prepared to commit suicide.

This new terorism will make the IRA and PLO look like child's play.

The Moslems think we are Unbelievers (Kaffirs) and and Infidels.

We defile their land of the Two shrines.

Now we have gone and invaded their oil wells.

All our puppet rulers in the Middle east will fall.

The Shias will take over Iraq and more conservative Ayatollahs will rise in Iran.

Jordan, Syria and Egypt will go to the Mullahs.

The Yanks can lock up any number of Iraqi people (which they have started) but it will not help.

The only solution to this is to get out of The Middle East and let them rule themselves.

After all, it was them who taught us about democracy and how to count.

Zero was an arabic concept.

Phoney and Adolf, with their masters, Goebbles and Ballet have a lot to answer for.

Tom Paine.
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