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A sense of indignation in Genoa - Carlo Lives!

Lenz - Emma's translation | 09.05.2003 12:35

A sense of indignation. Judge Elena Dalioso has closed the case against the Carabinieri Marco Platanica, presumed author of the shots that killed Carlo Giuliani during the protests against the G8 meeting in Genoa, July 2001.

Monday 5th May. Case closed against Carabinieri who killed Carlo Giuliani in Genoa 2001. By Lenz.

The judge has accepted Prosecutor Silvio Franz's petition filing for the closure of the case. He also alleges that Carlo was not assassinated but in fact his death was a homicide carried out in "legitimate defense".

"It's difficult to comment at the moment, although we expected it, it still hurts. I'd like to say that we are not scared of the truth, although others evidently are" (You can listen to Carlo's mother, Heidi Giuliani's comments upon hearing the news in Italian).

Meanwhile, on the 1st May, 18 Carabinieri of the Mobile Second Brigade left for Iraq. They will form part of a group under the command of General Leonardo Leso,who was in charge of Carabinieri special troops deployed during the G8 in Genoa. Leso aspires to command the contingent of international police in Iraq. Despite lies to Parliament, the reticence of Public Prosecutor and all that happened in Genoa, not one of the top officials implicated in the Giuliani case has lost their jobs. It seems that they carried out their jobs so well in Genoa they're being sent to Iraq. So well in fact, that Marco Placanica, presumed murderer of Carlo Giuliani, has returned to service. The closure of the case will not only put an end to the investigation around the homicide of Giuliani but will also mean that the responsibilities of those who were in charge of public order in Piazza Alimonda will be ignored. At the same time, it could act as a touchstone to other open cases on Genoa. Many police beatings will be overlooked if identification of those responsible in this case is not possible. The Genoa Social Forum has called for videos, photos and testimonies. Genoa will not stop here. Different social initiatives in Italy have declared themselves
against this unacceptable legal decision. You can follow these initiatives
on Global Radio (in Italian) as well as the reactions of the Italian people
to this unfortunate decision.

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