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The legal proceeding about the murder of Carlo Giuliani at g8 2001 has been clos

from imc italy | 06.05.2003 21:26

There won't be any trial for Mario Placanica, the policeman who shot dead Carlo Giuliani, the young protestor killed in Genova during g8 2001.The tribunal of Genova said the proceeding is closed and the cop innocent.

In the afternoon of May , 5 the gip Elena Daloisio decided: the enquire against Mario Placanica, the policeman of the
paramiltary italian police (Carabinieri) who shot in the head Carlo Giuliani,the young protestor at G8 in 2001,is closed.
the reson why this murder won't be prosecuted is not only that the cop was defending himself (motivation that was abdued also before by the accusatory lawyer mr.Silvio Franz) , but also because in the 53th article of the italian criminal code is theorized a legitimate use of weapons.This may constitue a possible and dangerous legal escape for other similar situations in the future, covering by legal consequences every murder a policeman could commit because of him being "on duty".
Anyway for this decision there won't be any trial against the shooter,Mario Placanica, who is going to be completely aquitted.
Is shocking to understand the basis for this decison , constitued by the experts' reports on the situation in which the murder took place.Daloisio says there's no reason why these reports should not be considered as reliable and based on reliable methodologies.But does Daloisio have any element on the past life of these experts? "We can't have any doubt on the the thoroughness of this enquiry" she insists.The hipotesis that has been abdued in the experts reports is that the the bullet was deviated by a rock in its trajectory, and that the policeman didn't shoot toward the protestor but toward the sky just to frighten him.Also the other cop, Filippo Cavataio, who was conducing the jeep assaulted by the protestors, has been aquitted.He was accused of repeatdly passing with the vehicle over the shot body of the protestor, but Elena Daloisio thinks this just caused light wounds to the protestor.Here we have to remember that the autopsy on which she is basing on has been considered as "too superficial" also by the accusatory side.The tribunal of Genoa speaks out about all these facts showing off that the decisions are taken without having any doubt, while is quite easy to see how many contradictions and shadowes have not been considered in conducing this enquiry.
"Placanica will go on working as a good policeman" is the comment of his lawyer, happy for the decision, and after all, none of the high officers of police forces who were involved in this enquiry has been judged guilty or condemned, even if it has been evident that many lies they said about the events of Piazza Alimonda (the Genoa square in which the protestor died) when not trying to avoid to give a testimony.Even if all this is clear , some of those high officiers will be sent in Iraq, an no one blamed or tried to act legally against their evident lacks of professionality and ethics (to use soft terms) about the g8.
The closing of this enquiry not only leaves a murder without any responsible,but also tries to hide and delete all the responsibilities both of the people who directed the operations in piazza Alimonda ,and of those in the highest vertexes of police and government who where in Genoa.The worst risk is that this decision will have reflections in all the other proceedings about the events of Genoa.We hope that this indecent legal proceeding won't put the word end on these events,because we want the truth and we will work and rise up our heads and fight until the truth will come out.No justice no peace.

from imc italy
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  1. Good - the show trial is over — no rest