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Mayday Football Tournament 2003

Maradonna | 05.05.2003 18:11

Mayday Footy

And so they came to Clissold Park...10 teams of disaffected youth, old anarchos, dirty squatters and a whole bunch of class war kids, all attempting to get their grubby hands on the gold and silver Mayday Cup (with beautiful red/black ribbons!). In glorious sunshine and to the rythyms of samba, the assembled rabble had one hell of a football tournament...and after a hard fought campaign the eventual winners were Stockwell Diablos (again!!). Big thanks to International Bastards, The Rowdies, Sonz of Emil, T+G, Krondstadt Avengers,
Poodle Chaos, North South Divide, Hackney's Hardest and Dynamo Semtex...and well done all the young 'uns in the kids match who showed us how football should really be played! See you all again next Mayday!

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