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Liverpool MayDay March

rESiST - IMC Liverpool | 05.05.2003 09:22 | May Day 2003 | Liverpool

Belated account of the Liverpool MayDay stroll

At about 12pm a motley crew of anarchists, socialists, animal rights-ers, parents, children and the rest gathered at St. Lukes church on Berry street to begin the stroll down through the town center. Numbers weren't as high as people had hoped, so while we all stood about waiting to see if anyone else showed, a reporter from Radio City wandered about taking interviews. By 12.45 it was decided that when other people turned up they could catch us up.
So, with but one banner between us (a jolly roger flag), about 25 people began the stroll down through the shopping district, banging drums, handing out leaflets and blocking up the traffic. The first stop on the way was our old friend Starbucks. A few people decided to pop in and flyer the whole place (including the police, who were less than impressed with out literature) before having a well earned rest in the doorway.
After a while we wandered down towards HSBC, flyering inside and out, and then over to the Disney Store and Lloyds Bank. Seeing as these are opposite each other we planted ourselves in between them. The horse statue was climbed, the flag planted for a while, and mighty telephone boxes scaled. The party then down-camped to the raised podium outside Shuh where we played games until McDonnalds called!
A football game was attempted using Gap and McDonnalds as goals, but after some minor incidents with 'less-than-in-the-sprit-of-things' members of the public the game was abandonded. So we had our picture taken by the police (and with the police! watching them....) then took to our heels for a cuppa in the Egg cafe. The coppers decided to follow us, but declined to come in for a piece of cake.

*if anyone has any fotos of this event could ya post 'em or send me a copy (email above) cheerz

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