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Pre-emptive Mayday Action

Dionysian Underground | 02.05.2003 07:41

May 1st - Dionysian Underground enter Bechtel's HQ in Hammersmith. But fail to find secret underground base!

Bechtel Unveiled...

Morning May 1st - 3 alleged members of Dionysian Underground enter Bechtels in reptile disguise. After sitting in foyer and reading papers for a while, causing no surprise amongst staff, they ask to see the chief reptile and be taken to the underground base. Staff implausible deny the existence of these, but the 'reptiles' are not convinced.

Your giving serpents a bad name declares one and hisses at a receptionist!


" BECHTEL (pronounced BECK-tul) founded in San Francisco in 1898, has become a super-secret corporate octopus. Some say that the firm is really a shadow government, an arm of the CIA. It is the largest construction and engineering outfit in the world, (and some say beyond). Former Bechtel officials hold the most important posts in the US Government. They are part of ‘The Web’, (an interconnected control system, not the Internet), which links Tri-Lateralist plans, the CFR, the orders of Illuminism, the Cult of the All Seeing Eye, and other interlocking groups. Bechtel is in fact one of the most powerful Reptilian Corporations!” so says David 'and I bonkers' Ike.

A great way to get one of the most secretive politico-corporates into the public eye, but here’s some more reliable info. :-)

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