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May Day in Thessaloniki, Greece against the EU-Summit 2003 next June in Greece

Struggle Initiative Thessaloniki 2003 | 01.05.2003 22:09


THESSALONIKI, Greece (STRUGGLE INITATIVE THESSALONIKI 2003) – Thousands of People demonstrated today (01.05.2003) in the town streets against the European Union, the War and governments’ policies about labour and financial matters. Only a few people attended the official Trade Union (GSEE)’s marching on Aristotelous Square. More people get involved in the preparations for next June in Thessaloniki, where the EU-Summit 2003 is going to be held. Please contact us for more information. WWW.THESSALONIKI2003.GR
OR WWW.GEOCITIES.COM/SUMMIT2003EU Information about International Camping against Capitalism-Imperialism.

Struggle Initiative Thessaloniki 2003
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